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How to Become Rich and Famous


So you want to be rich and famous? Well, it's not an easy task but nonetheless, it can be done. Look at all the other rich and famous people out there. They did it, didn't they? Ok, so if that's the life for you, then pursue it and i will help you along the way. Good luck!


Step 1


Step one is to find your niche. What is something you love to do, or are good at that other people will know you for? Can you make money at it. Money doesn't grow on trees, so whatever it is you choose to do, make money at it. Nobody can tell you what you like to do, so that's something you must search within yourself for. Examples of skills that will make you famous and rich are acting, singing, writing, lovelife, and being funny.

Step 2


Once you have found your niche, it's time to start promoting yourself. There are many many ways to do this. Some services include myspace music, youtube, etc. There are also agencies that specialize in getting your work out there and noticed. They cost you but in the end, if you really have talent, it's worth it. What I meant by lovelife is that you can marry someone rich and famous. But that's not always the easiest thing in life and can ruin you in the end. I don't recommend that.


Step 3


Once you start promoting yourself and start getting fans, viewers, or whatever, and start meeting people, this is where networking comes into play. Keep in touch with those people who are successful that you may meet. Talk to them. That's where your personality comes in. Really click with the people you meet. It will pay off.

Step 4


This is where so many people stop. Persistance. They don't reap rewards right away and they just give up and quit. If you think producers or any other talent organizations are going to want to sign a quitter, think again. They won't. They want a person with heart and brain. That is what makes people successful. If you don't get that break the first time, do it again. Be persistant and confident


Step 5


Step 5 is the easiest step in this how to article. Don't EVER stop following your dreams. They are your dreams and nobody can ever take that away from you. If you want something bad enough, you will recieve it. You just have to want it and pursue it without giving up and letting others bring you down. Follow your dreams. If nobody else believes in you, know that you do, and so do I. =)