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Quick Ways to Get Rich and Famous


Do you want to get rich quick? How about famous? If you feel trapped where you are, just remember that the world is your playground and there are many interesting ways for you to earn money and recognition. Here are some suggestions:


Cruise by the Casino


There are few places on earth where you can trade in a quarter for $25,000, and though the odds are slim, there are people who earn more in ten minutes at a slot machine or card table than they'll earn for the rest of their lives. If you enjoy fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping action, go to the casino and see if Lady Fortune deals you the perfect hand.

Upload a YouTube Video


More interested in the game of fame? Always dream of being a superstar but don't have the money or means to move to a major city? YouTube provides you with the chance of becoming a superstar from your own living room. All you need is a video camera, uploading software, and a computer, and you are well on your way. Many YouTubers have become household names, and they are just regular people who happened to capture America's attention. If you have something fun or interesting to share with the world, go for it. Who knows, you may be next month's guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show or Tyra Banks Show!


Enter a Contest or Competition


Sign up for every contest that you come across (providing it doesn't set off your "scam" radar); you never know what you might win! People actually do win cars, huge cash prizes, tickets, and other impressive items from entering contests. If you are talented in a particular field, check around for contests or competitions that use your skills. For example, if you are an avid golfer, look for golf tournaments in your area - some golf courses may pay $50,000 or more if you are able to make a certain shot.

Play the Stock Market


If you are business savvy, try your luck at the stock market. Make sure you thoroughly research any companies in which you might invest, especially during these times of economic hardship. If you invest correctly, the stock market could add a bundle to your income, or even set you up for life.


Look for Treasure


So many tremendous events have happened on Earth throughout history, and the people who lived before us have left us innumerable treasures, many of which remain undiscovered to this day. Think of all the artifacts, manuscripts, sketches, and original compositions that must just be sitting somewhere - in a dusty box or forgotten corner of the attic, or mixed in among the junk at a flea market or garage sale. Always keep your eye open for treasure! If you prefer treasure of the gold and silver variety, searching the beach or your backyard with a metal detector might prove profitable.

Become a Television Show Contestant


This final suggestion once again works if you want to become rich and famous. Reality television shows and game shows are always looking for people to join in their antics. Yearning to become the next Real World star, or open the $1,000,000 suitcase on Deal or No Deal? If so, you should go for it!